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Individual are simply a sum of their parts

Behaviourists see human beings simply as the sum of their parts. According to this view behaviour results from an individual's direct interaction with their environment. All behaviour is learned according to this theory, building upon the work of Pavlov.

Changing behaviour as such is simply taking care to change the conditions. Just as displayed in the work of Pavlov. To modify the behaviour it is necessary to manipulate reinforcing stimuli to reward desired activity. As an employee you will get more money if you work harder or on unusual days.

The rewarding of desired behaviour and ignoring of undesired behaviour will lead to the extinction of that undesired behaviour. This view closely relates to the classical school of change management where organisations are seen as machines.

This perspective has an overlap with the principles behind Organisational Behaviour Management. Within OBM is use to gain Learned automated reflexes as catalyst for change.

Individual are simply a sum of their parts