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🧑‍⚖️ Mental models

The human's mind is a pattern-matching machine. We think in a set of mental models. These chunk of knowledge represent a concept. Conways Law is an example of a concept, as is Gravity. Mental Models are concepts from various sciences that offer elegant explanations for the world.

These mental models shape how we think, how we approach problems, and how to identify information that matters or not. The mental models we have in our head are our cognitive skillset. Farnam Street has been essential for my personal understanding of mental models and how we think.

Circle of Competence
Cobra Effect
Conways Law
First Principles
Hofstadters Law
Parkinsons Law
Pratfall effect
Printer vs Pixel Mode
Probabilistic Thinking
Real Knowledge Chauffeur Knowledge
Second-Order Thinking
The Map Is Not The Territory
Thought Experiment

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Time Management Ideas

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Circle of Competence

🧑‍⚖️ Mental models