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Organising as meaning production

The interpretation of people about the processes and systems of an organisation play a central role in this paradigm. Other paradigms focus on the technical or economical role, but that's all created in documents and the technology of processes. Something what we could call the outside of the organisation (Homan, 2006). This paradigm describes the inside of the organisation.

This subjective perspective is what we often call culture. According to this perspective the outside of the organisation only be effective if they are seen as purposeful. Purposefulness as felt by a person can't be assigned or determined, managers can't do that. Managers can only help create an environment where people can see their work as purposeful.

The rising of leadership styles as servant leadership or transformation leadership shows the importance of creating purpose in modern organisations.

Short overview
theoretical basesociological and socio-psychological theory about interpretation and culture
[[Perspectives on rationalitiesRationality]]social rationality
Instrumentsmethods and techniques to facilitate dialogs and bottom-up processes
Competing Values Frameworkflexibility; internal orientation
Organising as meaning production