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Self-organisation & chaos

This paradigm looks differently to the process of control. Typically control is oriented around negative feedback. If you are about to miss a set target an adjustment has to be required. Often it is perceived as a cycle where gathered information leads to decisions. The Deming-cycle is often used metaphor and system.

Self-organisation & chaos look at control as a system of positive feedback. Minor adjustments can strengthen its own system and others. These minor adjustments can lead up to fundamental changes. It embraces the concepts of evolution and chaos.

Managers need to focus on creating the conditions for self-organising processes. If the self-organising teams are placed in the right environment they will create the minor adjustments that lead to radical change. Managers need to let go.

Short overview
theoretical basechaos theory, complexity theory
[[Perspectives on rationalitiesRationality]]Creativity from within, social rationality
InstrumentsNegative formulation of instruments: do not and let go
Competing Values Frameworklocal dynamics; internal orientation
Self-organisation & chaos