Digital Garden of Paul

Taxonomy of bubbles

Initially when starting this digital garden I was following my understanding of the zettelkasten practice. While researching digital gardening and similar practices I've became more enthusiastic about digital gardening. Consequently it means adopting a different approach and taxonomy of my bubbles. The taxonomy used for my digital garden follows the practice of Evergreen notes as defined by Andy Matuschak.

Bubble types

Much like the 5 layers as described by Tiago Forte I follow the following hierarchy, again inspired by the Evergreen practice of Andy.

  • Temporal and short notes captured in the Daily working log
  • Incomplete notes and ideas are captured in my writing inbox. They might become Evergreen bubbles overtime.
  • Evergreen bubbles varying in different stages:
    • Displacement; the initial stage of an evergreen bubble. This is where interest in a concept starts and initial thoughts, ideas and knowledge is captured.
    • Boom; clarity and structure start to arise. More information is available and relations to other body of knowledge is created.
    • Euphoria; a finished evergreen note that captures my insights and beliefs about a concept.

Note The stages of a bubble match the first three stages of an investment bubble.

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Taxonomy of bubbles