Digital Garden of Paul

Writing Practice

As working with a digital garden and note-writing is new for me I am discovering the process that works best for me. Starting out very randomly I am in the processing of bringing structure.

First and foremost I am defining a Taxonomy of bubbles for my digital garden. It categorises the different levels of thinking and expectations that a bubble contains. Tiago Forte describes progressive summarisation based on 5 layers. The lowest layer contains notes that contain raw information from a variety of sources. It builds-up to higher layers where the highest layers is a remix and integration of layers below. This is where the magic happens, at this layer new knowledge and insights are created.

The day starts by writing a daily working log. This log captures gratitudes, plan for the day and ephemeral notes collected during the day. Interesting websites, things to read or other content are captured in a section 'internet exploration'. Capturing and recording this information is done as easy as possible by using keyboard macros.

This digital garden is essential in supporting me in my ambient research. Ambient research over active research is preferred to help me in discovering and writing new viewpoints regarding my topics of interest.

Writing Practice