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Testing the strategy

Most organisations have a strategy. At one organisation it might have evolved organically, at other companies much thought has been put into it. Nevertheless it is important to test the strategy of the organisation. In the end strategy is not about what is on paper, but what is being lived in the organisation. What's the mindset and is strategy a way of thinking.

Consultancy organisation McKinsey developed a strategy test based on empirical evidence. The test contains 10 questions and are meant to ignite conversations, not checkmarks.

The 10 questions are:

  1. Will your strategy beat the market?
  2. Does your strategy tap a true source of advantage?
  3. Is your strategy granular about where to compete?
  4. Does your strategy put you ahead of trends?
  5. Does your strategy rest on privileged insights?
  6. Does your strategy embrace uncertainty?
  7. Does your strategy balance commitment and flexibility?
  8. Is your strategy contaminated by bias?
  9. Is there conviction to act on your strategy?
  10. Have you translated your strategy into an action plan?

Source Have you tested your strategy lately? | McKinsey

Testing the strategy