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Hi, welcome to my Digital Garden. This wiki like structure holds my notes and thoughts on various items. It's built using Foam: A personal knowledge management and sharing system for VSCode and inspired by Zettelkasten and practices of digital gardening. The work of Andy Matuschak and Maggie Appleton has been a source of inspiration and guidance to grow my personal note system. For thorough explanation and insights on note-taking and digital gardens I refer you to their systems for in-depth information.

The bubbles (notes) you find here are an open collection of different things. Some bubbles are mature and contain structured information and a story. Others are in a stage of exploration and used by me to wrap my head around it. I prefer to work and learn in the open, allowing for constructive feedback and insights on my learnings. The notes you read here are for my personal use. I wrote them for myself and my thinking frame. As such some notes might feel under-explained and confusing.

Using a digital garden and excessive note-writing is a new practice for me. As such I am experimenting and discovering the best approach for me. You might be interested in my Writing Practice. Along the way of building this digital garden I have learned to appreciate the importance and Benefits of writing.

📓 My personal interests lie in a variety of topics, but you will mainly find notes regarding Leadership, organisational design & control, (enterprise) software architecture.

🧠 I am highly interested in Mental Models. Mental Models are essential for the way we think and make decisions.

💡 Currently I am actively researching the relation between software quality, the quality triangle and test automation, see There is no need to squeeze on software quality.

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🪴 Paul's Digital Garden